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Kashgar Customs Destroys 103-ton Smuggled Goods Apr 19,2017
China and Sweden Customs Hold International Cooperation and Trade Facilitation Seminar... Apr 19,2017
Hebei Province Ratifies Its First Customs Declaration Submitted via Single Window Plat... Apr 19,2017
Review of China’s Foreign Trade in the First Quarter of 2017 Apr 19,2017
Huangpu Customs Seizes Magnesia Smuggled Outward Mar 15,2017
Haikou Customs Facilitates Purchase of Duty-Free Items Mar 2,2017
Xiamen Customs Seizes Illegally Imported “Biological Slides” Mar 2,2017
Shenzhen Customs Seizes Concealed Bird’s Nests, Cameras and Drives Worth over 3mln Yu... Mar 2,2017
Guangzhou Customs Ensures Food Supply for Giant Pandas in Hong Kong Mar 2,2017
Lanzhou Customs Helps Exit Duty-Free Shop into Operation Mar 2,2017
Qingdao Customs “Enterprise Admin” Window Serves 10,000+ Enterprises Feb 14,2017
Gongbei Customs Facilitates Tax Payment with Wechat Code Scanning Feb 10,2017
Minister Yu Guangzhou signs Framework Agreement on Port Cooperation with Vietnam Defen... Feb 3,2017
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