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Friday, February 10, 2017 11:40:02 AM
Gongbei Customs Facilitates Tax Payment with Wechat Code Scanning
Recently, Mobile Pay Version 2.0 went online in Gongbei port of Gongbei Customs District, providing passengers with more convenient tax payment mode on the basis of the mobile payment of small personal postal articles tax.
Besides Alipay mobile payment provided on October 24, this Version 2.0 contains Wechat payment function, introducing a third-party mobile payment terminal to provide tax pay by code scanning one-stop onsite service, thus facilitating customs clearance for passengers. Ye Lihuan, vice section director of Zhakou Customs House (affiliated to Gongbei Customs District) said: Now, passengers can pay tax by code scanning at Customs inspection desk and the payment will directly go to the treasury, saving more time.
Since the mobile payment of small personal postal articles tax went online on October 24, Gongbei Customs has transacted nearly 100 tax payments in the mobile way, totaling CNY 100,000, in which single tax bill has an amount between 54 yuan and 9,300 yuan.
A passenger was paying tax by Wechat code scanning.

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