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Thursday, March 02, 2017 9:35:34 AM
Guangzhou Customs Ensures Food Supply for Giant Pandas in Hong Kong
On January 26, at 10 am, when many trailers with fresh bamboo leaves passing one-by-one into the Customs control warehouse in Guangzhou East Station,  Customs officers at Tianhe Station (affiliated to Guangzhou Customs District) immediately started inspection and  released the special goods, so that the fresh green bamboo leaves would be soon transported by Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train to Hong Kong Ocean Park to be the “New Year’s Eve dinner” for two pairs of giant pandas.
During the 2nd and the 10th anniversaries of Hong Kong returning to China, the giant pandas named “Anan” and “Jiajia”, “Lele” and “Yingying” were successively presented to Hong Kong. To ensure their food supply, Tianhe Station Customs House usually releases fresh bamboo leaves thrice a week and provides clearance reservation service for holidays.
In 2016, the Customs House totally released 206 consignments of fresh bamboo leaves and eucalyptus leaves, weighing 113.4 tons, worth USD442,000.
Guangzhou Customs officers offer faster clearance of bamboo leaves for giant pandas in Hong Kong.  

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