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Thursday, March 02, 2017 9:37:16 AM
Xiamen Customs Seizes Illegally Imported “Biological Slides”
Recently, Xiamen Customs seized from within an inward passenger’s luggage more than 200 pieces of biological slides distributed in four boxes, and it was the first time for the Customs to capture such item in recent years.
On the morning of January 13, the flight MF896 from South Asia landed at Xiamen on time. When x-raying a Chinese passengers luggage, Customs officers spotted on the screen some anomaly in the luggage. Through  inspection, they found a foam incubator covered with dry ice in the luggage; with the dry ice removed, they saw 3 blue plastic boxes and 1 red one therein, containing a lot of glass slides.
According to the carrier, the glass slides, totaling more than 200 pieces, were made from hamster thymus tissue slices and the passenger unaware of the regulations on biological product entry and exit, was entrusted by a domestic research institution to carry inward. Now the aforesaid articles have been transferred for quarantine treatment.
More than 200 biological slides seized by Xiamen Customs
More than 200 biological slides seized by Xiamen Customs
More than 200 biological slides seized by Xiamen Customs
Customs reminds that biological materials like genetic materials, cells, organ tissues, blood and related products are prohibited from being carried or posted into China, and therefore any passenger should not take them inward without authoritative permit.

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