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Thursday, March 02, 2017 9:37:54 AM
Haikou Customs Facilitates Purchase of Duty-Free Items
Since the exiting consumers of Hainan duty-free shops expanded to railway passengers, during the Spring Festival of 2017, Haikou Customs made every efforts to ensure the duty-free purchase on exit, inspecting 359,000 pieces of commodities sold free-from-duty to 75,000 person-time buyers, with sale value reaching 360 million yuan, respectively up 11.84%, 10.29% and 5.88% year-on-year. Among those, the Customs inspected 2,924 pieces of duty-free commodities sold to exit railway passengers in 537 person-times, sale value reaching 2,067,100 yuan and hot sales including cosmetics and wristwatches; 26,000 pieces were bought on internet by 5,047 person-times, value reaching 11,271,700 yuan and online hot sales including cosmetics and perfume.
On January 15, the exit duty-free purchase had the fourth adjustment, expanding to railway passengers on the basis of three previous adjustments in commodity value, quantity and variety. The latest adjustment has further inspired the purchase on exit and led to big increase in the purchase amount per person.
For the Spring Festival, the best selling season in China, Haikou Customs, on good preparations in advance, added personnel on duty; assigned senior officers to mobile consultation for passengers’ questions about shopping and commodity pickup; provided around-the-clock clearance reservation and fast channel for imported duty-free commodities to ensure timely sales and smooth delivery; designated special personnel to control and maintain information system; further cooperated with E-Port office, duty-free shops, airport office, airlines and railway stations to enhance emergency disposal and ensure smooth operation of the duty-free purchase policy.

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