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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 9:29:46 AM
Huangpu Customs Seizes Magnesia Smuggled Outward
A few days ago, Huangpu Customs seized a case of outward smuggling magnesia (magnesium oxide) — a kind of resource products.
Recently, Huangpu Customs took the special action to crack a magnesia smuggling gang, seizing 7 criminal suspects. Through investigation, the gang has smuggled out about 15,000 tons of magnesia by October 2016.
Magnesia, also known as magnesite, usable in industrial and agricultural fields, is a resource product strictly restricted in export from China, i.e. subject to export license and export duty. The smuggled-out magnesia included both dead-burnt magnesite, refined from coke, and caustic calcined magnesite, refined from coal or gas.
Through primary investigation, from June 2014 to October 2016, the gang led by Zhan, Zhang (Taiwanese) and Gu smuggled out 15,000-ton magnesia by means of false declaration from Huangpu port, Guangzhou Nansha port and Shanghai port in the process: Zhang first ordered magnesia from Gu, and Gu arranged domestic transport with internal-trade containers, then Zhan picked up the goods into foreign-trade containers and declared for export with false descriptions such as flatting agents, calcium carbide and barite powder.
Huangpu Customs seized the first consignment of magnesia smuggling outward.

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