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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 11:10:04 AM
Hebei Province Ratifies Its First Customs Declaration Submitted via Single Window Platform
At 17:42 on March 17, the first declaration form submitted via International Trade Single Window System in Hebei Province was approved by Tangshan Customs House (affiliated to Shijiazhuang Customs District). The declared goods were export galvanized steel strips, weighing 109 tons with a total value of USD65,000.
According to the Customs officers, the International Trade Single Window System consolidates all the information required by related government entities, such as Customs, China Inspection and Quarantine, into a single electronic portal so as to help traders reduce their times of submitting the same information, and improve their work efficiency.
To optimize business environment, Tangshan Customs took active measures to promote the construction of Single Window. Representatives from 22 enterprises were trained as regards the function and use of Import and Export Goods Declaration System. In addition, Tangshan Customs, together with local port administration as well as its competent department under Shijiazhuang Customs, visited the firms to guide enterprise  registration, and also test the Single Window so as to improve its performance.

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