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About Us is supervised by China Customs Information Center and undertaken by China Cuslink Company, Ltd. This website is an online information service platform of...
Users' Categories & Rights

There are three categories of Customs-info users: visitors, registered members and paid members, who shall obtain different access permission:


For visitors: news update\ call board\ contact us\ about us\ help center\ in-depth consultation


For registered members: latest data\ monthly report (three months before)\ trade index (three months before) and all the contents for visitors


For paid members: all the contents in Customs-info


Besides, registered members of our Chinese website ( can log in Customs-info as visitors, while paid members of our Chinese website have access to Customs-info as registered members (Their ID in are available in Customs-info).


“Paid Member Application” can be found in the home page, after your username.

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